BeatBuddy PBF added to Rock Essentials 1

BeatBuddy PBF added to Rock Essentials 1

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Hey Beatbuddy users!

Rock Essentials 1Groove Monkee is proud to announce that we've updated our Rock Essentials 1 MIDI loops with PBF file for BeatBuddy.

A PBF file allows you to import all the songs into your BeatBuddy at once. Each song has an intro, verse, chorus, fills, accent hit, transition fills and an outro.

BeatBuddy PBF Details

  • 24 "songs" in PBF fomat
  • Straight-forward beats and fills
  • "In the pocket" and not overplayed
  • Ballads to Hard Rock
  • Special feels like half-time
  • Hundreds of extra MIDI beats and fills
  • Over a dozen other formats supported

Straight Forward Rock Beats

We created Rock Essentials because customers wanted less busy beats and fills. From our end, we wanted a huge catalog of the most common rock and pop beats.

These beats get used all the time, even by "heavy metal" bands. Less drumming means more space for YOU. Sometimes, less actually is more!

Played by Pro Drummers

The material was recorded by professional studio drummers, not programmed and not quantized (timing adjusted with software). You get all the feel of a real drummer without the headaches of setting up a real kit.

Recent Customer Feedback

"Great collection in this volume, helps as a source of creative ideas in high quality drums loops with a human feel." – Ray V. on Rock Essentials 1 MIDI Loops

More BeatBuddy Packs

Rock Essentials 1 is part of our massive Mega Pack collection of MIDI drum loops.

You may also be interested in Rock Essentials 2 or Hard Rock. Both of these huge collections have BeatBuddy PBF files. Rock Essentials 2 features beats in 3/4, 6/8 and 12/8 plus a TON of rock shuffles.

You can browse all of our BeatBuddy compatible packs HERE.

Thanks for reading and ROCK ON!










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