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MIDI Loops For Studio Drummer

Abbey Road Drums Studio Drummer

MIDI Loops For Studio Drummer

Yes, our midi loops work with NI Studio Drummer (and Abbey Road drums). They are mapped correctly and appear in the Groove Browser! We've supported Studio Drummer for many years now.

Studio Drummer Interface

Groove Monkee supports all major midi mappings and formats. Please check out our MIDI Formats PDF or contact us if you need midi loops in a specific format not currently supported.

Detailed Studio Drummer Mapping

Our loops are recorded with varied hi-hats like shank, tight and tip hits along with different hat openings so you get the full capabilities of Studio Drummer.

We do NOT record our drummers in General Midi! Instead, we convert the recordings INTO general midi.

Usage in Studio Drummer

Studio Drummer Browser

Our midi loops are mapped to match Studio Drummer EXACTLY. And you can preview the grooves in the Studio Drummer Browser.

Usage in Studio Drummer and Abbey Road Drums

The loops you need are are stored in the folder with “Studio Drummer” at the end.

For example, "Blues Studio Drummer". These files work with the default Studio Drummer kit mapping.

Installation Instructions

Copy our Studio Drummer folder into your ‘Studio Drummer Library\MIDI Files’ folder.

Check out our Product Manual.

Note: If you don't see the grooves in Studio Drummer after installation, close Studio Drummer and your DAW (ProTools, Cubase, Logic, etc.) and restart.

Please contact us if you have ANY questions about our loops for Studio Drummer or any of our products.

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