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Sonar Groove Clips

Session Drummer Sonar

Groove Clips for Sonar Session Drummer Our products include Groove Clips for Cakewalk's Session Drummer. We've supplied Groove Clips for Sonar for many years. Cakewalk has distributed a selection of free Groove Monkee loops since Sonar 5!

Cakewalk Sonar Artist Box

We support all major MIDI mappings and formats. Please view our MIDI Formats PDF and feel free to contact us if you need with a different midi mapping.

Installing the Loops in Sonar

Our Groove Clips are stored in the "Other MIDI Mappings" folder in a folder with "Session Drummer" at the end.

For example, "Blues Session Drummer".

Copy our Session Drummer folder into your Cakewalk "MIDI Library" folder and the clips will appear in the Sonar Browser.

Hint: Here's the most probable groove clip folder location on a PC with Sonar installed on the D: drive: D:\Programs\Cakewalk\MIDI Library

Auditioning Loops in the Sonar Browser

1. Insert Session Drummer into your project using the "Synth" tab of the Browser.

2. Load a drum kit into Session Drummer.

3. Select Session Drummer as the preview device. If not, you won't hear anything!

You can now browse and audition the groove clips and drag them into a track in your Sonar project.

Tech Support

Please contact us if you need assistance using the loops with Sonar. It can be a little tricky at first. The most common mistake is not loading a Session Drummer kit or not selecting Session Drummer as the 'preview synth'.

Also, please tell us which version of Sonar you're using since the interface, terminology and folder locations can vary over time!

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