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3 Awesome FREE plugins to improve your mixes

1. bx_cleansweep v2 - low-pass and hi-pass filter (Mac and PC) by Brainworx


bx_cleansweep is a world-renowned, easy to use and great sounding plugin. It's an easy way to clean up the top and bottom of your tracks. With a few clicks your mixes will sound cleaner, louder with more separation between tracks.

If you're not currently using a hi-pass filter (low cut) on your tracks, you should check it out. You may be surprised by the nearly instant improvement. Why? For two reasons: bandwidth and "elbow room".

Okay, these may not be the correct terms but here's what I mean.

Bandwidth - when you export audio there's a limited amount of "sonic space" available. If you try to force too much sound through you'll get distortion (clipping). Many tracks simply have unnecessary low-end frequencies. While you may not hear them, they're taking up "space" in the mix. To compensate, you lower the overall level of the mix.

 "Elbow room" - These unnecessary, low-end frequencies are also fighting with your bass and kick drum. Cutting some of the low end from other instruments will give "sonic space" to the bass and kick, allowing them to stand out- without boosting. Sometimes less is more.


Video - benefits of hi-pass filtering demonstrated with cleansweep


2. bx_subfilter - enhances low end (Mac and PC) by Brainworx


bx_subfilter is a powerful yet easy to use way to add clarity and definition to the low-end of your tracks. The product tagline say" "sculpt, tighten and punch up your sub". I'll admit that I have not used this one much but the video below is proof that this is the real deal.

Cutting unwanted low-end frequencies is only the start. It can be difficult to "dial in" the right kick and bass vibe. bx_subfilter offers an intuitive interface with simple yet powerful options for sculpting the right sound. Check out the video below to see (and hear) what it can do for you.

Video demonstration on both kick drum and bass guitar by


3. niveau filter - frequency balancing tool (Mac and PC) by elysia

niveau filter

Niveau filter is a very popular, simple yet powerful tool for balancing the frequency spectrum of your mix. It's effective on individual tracks or the entire mix. Sometimes a mix just needs a nudge in one direction or the other and this handy plugin makes it super easy to dial in the sound you crave.

Check out the video below or the customer reviews here.

Video demo of niveau filter and some other free plugins:


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