Rock 2 MIDI Drum Loops

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Groove Monkee Rock 2 was designed for song writers looking for ballads, lighter rock and unique, alternative-sounding grooves. The grooves were played by a professional studio drummer and are not quantized for a totally natural, human feel.

You get 13 loop sets arranged in song format with intro, verse, chorus, bridge and outro loops plus extra drum fills, intro fills and percussion grooves for Toontrack’s Latin Percussion pack.

Tempos range from 66 to 120 bpm in 3/4, 6/8 and 4/4. These drum loops are complete musical statements with fills at the end and are either 4 or 8-bars long. We’ve included a wide variety of grooves to spice up your songs - everything from basic backbeats to side-stick grooves, half-time, displaced, tom grooves, train beats and more!


    • Royalty-Free MIDI Rock Drum Loops a professional drummer
    • Song format: intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro
    • Time Signatures: 3/4, 6/8 and 4/4
    • For the lighter side of pop and rock but NOT just for ballads
    • Apps and Formats Supported
    • Bonus: MIDI Percussion Loops (requires Toontrack's Latin EZX)
    • Our grooves are NOT quantized!
    • Beat Buddy PBF file included

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