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Retro Funk Midi Drum Loops

Retro Funk Midi Drum Loops


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    • 560 Royalty Free MIDI Drum Loops
    • Played by professional drummer Mike Adamo
    • Grooves, Fills, Intros and Outros
    • Variations: groove variations, fill variations, ride variations with and without fills
    • 4-bar and 8-bar midi loops
    • Formats: Addictive Drums (all), Abbey Road, BeatBuddy, BFD (all), Eco, EZdrummer (all), GM, Superior Drummer, Session Drummer, Steven Slate, Studio Drummer and many more!
    • Click here for all available mappings and formats
    • All NEW grooves. Does NOT contain loops from other packs!
    • Our grooves are NOT quantized!
    • PBF File Included

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