Welcome to Groove Monkee!

We have one goal: to help you MAKE MUSIC by producing the highest quality MIDI drum and bass loops available.

Since 2004, we've provided content to industry leaders Cakewalk, FXpansion, LinPlug, Propellerhead Software, Sonic Reality, East West, Groove3, Music Tech Magazine and others.

Our MIDI loops come in a wide variety of styles and popular formats:

Abbey Road, Addictive Drums, BeatBuddy, BFD, EZdrummer, GM, IMAP, Live, Reason, Session Drummer, Steven Slate Drums, Studio Drummer, Superior Drummer, Cakewalk Groove Clip and more!

Check out our "freebies" and feel free to ask about our offerings or for technical assistance with your software.

"Our beats, your groove"