Odd Metal Mania

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This massive, hard-hitting collection includes over 1000 MIDI drum loops for Prog, Metal and Hard Rock. Includes 53 groove sets plus additional drum fills in 3-4, 5-4, 7-4 and 7-8.

All Major drum apps supported. Beat Buddy PBF included.

Free MIDI samples available on the product page below!

Product Highlights

  • 1000 Royalty Free MIDI drum loops by a professional drummer
  • Genres: Prog, Metal and Hard Rock
  • Time signatures: 3-4, 5-4, 7-4 and 7-8
  • Tempo range: 82 to 210 BPM
  • Apps and Formats Supported
  • Beat Buddy PBF file included
  • Our grooves are NOT quantized!

If you're having problems with the demos, you can listen here.

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