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MIDI Loops for Auria Lyra

Auria Lyra

Groove Monkee now supplies MIDI drum loops for Auria's Lyra instrument.

We're currently (December 2016) in the process of adding Lyra files to all our MIDI drum packs. If you need the files immediately, please contact support. We'll be happy to provide a link for the Lyra MIDI loops for the packs you've purchased. To download your the latest version of you purchases, please go to: Support->Legacy Accounts.

Wavemachine Aria

Please note that Lyra is only available in Auria Pro.

Auria Lyra instrument
Here's an example of some of the MIDI loops we have available for Lyra:

Rock Loops - We have an extensive collection of MIDI beats available for Lyra and other major drum kit software such as Abbey Road drums. Here are some collections for popular genres.

Hip Hop loops - Hip Hop drum loops for Lyra including old school "boom bap" breakbeat grooves HERE

Jazz loops - Check out our highly rated Fusion and Jazz loops for Lyra HERE

Funk - We've got old school to modern funk and R&B midi loops HERE

Bass Loops for Lyra are available HERE

Metal and Hard Rock - need hard rock, punk or metal loops for Lyra? Click HERE

Mega Pack - If you need a huge collection of MIDI drum loops for Lyra spanning most genres, check out our Mega Pack featuring 25 MIDI packs with over a dozen formats for all popular music software.

If you've already purchased any of our packs, you may download again from the Legacy Account area HERE. If your download does not include loops for Lyra, please contact us for instructions.

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