Free MIDI Surf Beats and Fills

Free MIDI Surf Beats and Fills

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In response to customer beats!

Occasionally someone will ask if we have surf beats so we put together a set of free MIDI surf beats and fills that you can download here. While you're there, check out the other free MIDI sets we have available.

It's based on a very famous track and has an aggressive, driving feel. There are some really cool variations and fills in this free set so check it out. We've included fills with both hat and ride to match the grooves plus there are some crazy 1-bar fills too. If you're interested in surf beats, please let us know and maybe we can put some more together.

Download Free MIDI Here


The set includes 8 and 12-bar grooves because a lot of the original surf music was based on 12-bar patterns. We've included grooves based on closed hat, open hat, ride and crash! There are fills available with hat and ride plus 1-bar fills that will work with all grooves.

The beats have a driving "four to the floor" kick and sound great between 140 and 170 BPM.

8-bar Beats

There are four 8-bar surf beats: hat, open hat, ride and an aggressive variation with crashes on the start of every bar for higher energy sections.

12-bar Beats

There are four 12-bar surf beats: hat, open hat, ride and a "riding the crash" variation, perfect for higher energy sections.

Short Fills

We recorded 6 short fills and they're available with both hat and ride. Sometimes you just want to "break up the beat" momentarily and save the longer fills for transitions to new sections.

1-bar Fills

The set includes 9 really cool 1-bar fills that can be used with any of the grooves. This type of high energy fill is very common in faster surf tunes.

There it is...our first set of surf beats and fills. Please let us know what you think and we'd love to hear your tracks.

Enjoy the grooves!

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