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Country Updated with BeatBuddy PBF file


Groove Monkee is proud to announce that we've updated our "Country" MIDI loops with BeatBuddy PBF file!

A PBF file allows you to import all the songs into your BeatBuddy at once. Each song has an intro, verse, chorus, fills, accent hits, transition fills and an outro.

Country loops

Easy Song Writing: Arranged for easy song writing with sections for intro, outro, verse, chorus, prechorus, bridge. There are plenty of variations including grooves with fills and extra drum fills.

Authentic Feel: The beats were played by Nashville session drummer Rory Faciane, a seasoned pro with over 20 years playing experience.

Modern Country: A wide range of feels from ballads to 6/8 to shuffles! Everything a serious song writer needs to produce an professional sounding, authentic CD.

Update Available: download the updated version from: Support->Legacy Accounts

User Feedback:

"WOW! pbf. files of Groove Monkee Loops is nothing short of amazing!

"I have been building Songs and Setlists for 2 different Acoustic Root Americana projects i play in and now building Songs for a church Worship Team - I have found (for me) the Groove Monkee beats are THE BEST sounding, most consistent, most usable gigging beats out there.

I am loving my Beatbuddy and my Groove Monkee Grooves!" - James (BeatBuddy Forum)

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