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New Midi Blues Bass Loops!

Groove Monkee Blues Bass, our first pack of midi bass loops, is now available. We've collaborated with four pros to craft this diverse, soulful collection of FULL LENGTH blues bass loops. No fragments. You play 12-bar blues, not 2-bar blues, right?

Variety of Feels: Slow blues, jazzy, minor blues, 8-bar blues, up-tempo shuffles, half-time and more!

Mix and Match: You can easily match the bass and drums loops from our Blues drum pack. It's been updated recently with new matching song sections and a new set of "slow blues" in 12-8.

Existing customers: Login in now to download the latest version (support->legacy accounts). Check the new bonus section for folder names matching the bass loop folders.

Audio Demos

If you're having problems with the demos, you can listen here.

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