New! Jazz MIDI Loops!

New! Jazz MIDI Loops!

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Looking for good, solid jazz MIDI grooves? If you're tired of jazz that's too busy, check out Jazz Buddy! This pack now includes ALL supported formats as listed HERE.

PBF FILE INCLUDED! 13 professionally recorded sets of jazz in a wide variety of styles: swing beats, ballad, blues, Bossa, shuffles, Afro-Jazz, Mambo, Samba, 2-Feel and more!

For a complete style listing, click HERE

Jazz Buddy

Authentic Jazz

The sets are arranged with "A" and "B" sections so you can play REAL jazz. We designed this pack as accompaniment for YOU, not a platform for showy jazz "chops".

Product Highlights

  • 550 Jazz MIDI loops
  • PBF file is included
  • Swing beats, blues, bossa, shuffles, Afro-Jazz, samba, waltz, ballad, mambo, etc
  • Recorded by a professional jazz drummer
  • Straightforward NOT busy
  • Formats: All supported formats including Beat Buddy PBF file.
  • These grooves are NOT quantized!
  • ALL new material (2016)

Info and List of Styles

Download Product Info

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