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Quick Tip: Updating MIDI Packs in Superior Drummer 3

Superior Drummer Superior Drummer 3

If you're installing an updated version of one of our MIDI packs, here's what you need to do to access all of the new material. If not, new files will not be visible and some of the folders may appear to be empty.

There are two ways to install a MIDI pack into Toontrack's Superior Drummer 3,  each with its own update method.

If you run our installer, you'll need to update the SD3 database. 
If you manually installed the files into your 'User MIDI' folder, you'll need to 'sync file changes'. 

Updating your Superior 3 Database

1. Go to Settings > Advanced and click 'Restore MIDI Database' (takes about 30 seconds)
2. Select the 'Grooves' tab
3. Select the product folder and click 'Add to Database'

Add pack to Superior Drummer 3

Sync File Changes

1. Select the 'Grooves' tab
2. Select your 'User MIDI' folder (visible under 'User Libraries')
3. Click the drop down and select 'Sync File Changes'

Sync file changes Superior Drummer 3

If necessary, please contact us for additional support. 


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