BeatBuddy Fill Freebie

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We're proud to release our first free download for BeatBuddy: Rock Fills!

This free download contains a PBF with over 2 dozen rock fills for mapped and set up for BeatBuddy. These loops match BeatBuddy's mapping EXACTLY so each note will trigger with no hassle! Plus, we've set these up to trigger a crash at the end of the fill. They're ready to load into BeatBuddy's software and use in your songs.

  • "Must have" rock fills - all in one convenient folder
  • Played by professional drummers
  • Mapped and arranged for BeatBuddy
  • PBF file to load via the BeatBuddy manager

Since 2004 we've supplied loop content to some of the biggest names in the industry: Cakewalk, FXpansion, Propellerhead, Linplug and more. Download these free loops and check us out for yourself!

Tutorial-Adding MIDI to Beat Buddy Manager: