ML Drums Support

ML Drums Support

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Groove Monkee is proud to announce that we now support ML Drums by ML Sound Lab

We can now map our MIDI loops to match ML Drum's default drum map. This provides a seamless experience for our common customer base, allowing users to use our loops without making any changes to the MIDI files or the ML Drums map.

Note: For best results, users should upgrade to version 2+ of ML Drums.

Downloading the files for ML Drums

At this time, the files for ML Drums are NOT included in our product downloads. If you make a purchase, please email us and request the files for ML Drums. Please include the email address used to make your purchase(s). 

Usage Notes

To use our MIDI loops for ML Drums, we assume you're using the FULL version of ML Drums v2 or higher. The free version of ML Drums does not include all of the drum kit pieces needed to use the loops.

Free Loops

At this time, we do not have a free set of loops for ML Drums. If you're interested in trying some of our MIDI drum loops with ML Drums, please contact us.


If you need assistance or have questions our products, please contact us via a our Contact Page.


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