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Free MIDI Loops for Perfect Drums

Free Loops Perfect Drums

Perfect Drums Now Supported

We now include MIDI files for Perfect Drums in all of our drum packs. You can view our entire collection of MIDI drum loops HERE.

Free MIDI Loops for Perfect Drums

Perfect Drums plus Groove Monkee is an awesome combination. And now we have some free MIDI loops for you to check out:

Download Free Loops For Perfect Drums

This download includes MIDI loops for rock, hard rock, metal, blues, ballads, pop and more. These loops will work "out of the box" with the default kit mapping. We included some 12/8 and 6/8 loops as well ;)

Perfect Drums interface

Exclusive Discount

Your download includes an exclusive discount code for Perfect Drums users. We welcome you to use the coupon code on your next order.

Download Link

In case you missed the download link, here it is again:

Download Free Loops For Perfect Drums


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Thanks for checking us out!

Groove Monkee

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